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Pine Wood Fines & Sawdust

Drilling Fluids & Drilling Mud Additive

Quality Dry and Absorbent Wood Fines

These wood fines (sawdust) are ideal for adding to drilling fluids, for spills and mixing with drill cuttings. Our sawdust wood fines are dried to an average of 10% or less assuring that they will mix well and absorb moisture properly.

Many bulk wood fines are stored outside in piles and are wet and contaminated. This can cause problems when mixing or using the saw dust wood fines with drilling mud, drilling fluid and drill cuttings as the sawdust often has high moisture content, resulting in poor absorbancy .

Our large bulk totes contain dry sawdust fines and are weatherproof to prevent the fines from getting wet. The totes are easy to transport, are tough and durable for rough handling and are easy to manipulate with or without machinery. The totes can be rolled by one person and lifted by smaller equipment like skid steers. 


Manufactured from Canadian Pine
(80% bug kill, 10% spruce, 10% fir)

20-40% savings compared to traditional
fines, sawdust & pellets

Consistent high quality - always available

Economical, environmentally friendly product

Packaged in reusable biodegradable bulk bags

No Additives Pure Wood Products -


Our high Quality Pine wood fines are packaged in convenient industry standard FBIC bulk totes. The bags hold an average of around 800 lbs of partially compressed wood fines. 

Our fines are NEVER stored outdoors from begin to packaging. The fiber is all dry at an estimated 5 to 10 % moisture - DRY

Absorbancy is maximized at this moisture level and shipping costs are minimized compared to hauling wet sawdust to your site. Handling and storage is simple with the bags compared to loose sawdust where  larger loader or track hoes are required.

many bags

You have more choices for transportation to your work sites with our bulk bags such as flat decks, B-Trains, vans and trailers can be used to transport as opposed to expensive end dumps and walk floor trailers which are not always available.

Each bulk tote is 46"x46"x46", weighs about 650 lbs plus and contains 300 or more cubic feet of fines when emptied.


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Mistaya Land & Water Corporation

Toll free 1- 877-894 -9378

Direct (403) 638-8090

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We offer regular weekly delivery service to our regular clients and arrangements can be made for home deliveries by request for the following areas.

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We also service the Edmonton area.