"Growing Naturally"
Environmentally friendly commercial and residential Construction, Renovations and landscaping solutions
for Alberta
"Growing Naturally"
- Environmentally friendly commercial and residential landscaping solutions for Alberta

tural and Electronic Security
We offer Eco-friendly Security barrier hedges. These hedges are almost completely impenetrable and offer better security than chain link, barb wire and other systems.

These thorny hedges when mature can stop a 5 ton truck from driving through and they cannot be easily cut through without chain saws (which require lots of time and make loud noise). The CIA headquarters uses 5 rows of these hedges around it's main facility. Very effective and they look very nice and innocent until you try to get through them. These hedges are ideal for oil and gas facilities.

We also offer complete electronic security services like infrared cameras/lights, sensors, alarms and remote surveillance from basic to law enforcement grade.

Fences, barriers, Roller topped wall systems and nylon spike barriers (less destructive than barb or razor wire and safer for animals and wildlife)

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