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Our company specializes in applying environmentally friendly practices and products to everyday construction, renovations, land reclamation and landscaping needs for the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors in Alberta.

We specialize in larger acreage's, parks, oil and gas facilities and other large commercial lawns in urban, rural or remote locations in south or central Alberta. Red Deer, Calgary, Olds, Sundre, Caroline, Didsbury, Airdrie and many other locations.

We also provide Alberta and Federal government approved native grass, forage or wildflower seed blends for use in land reclamation , recreation areas and parks.


Fully Organic Non Selective Herbicide

For Weed Control and Eradication

Organic version that's work similar to round-up, total ex and wipeout
without harmful chemicals - people and animal safe.

Made with 100% natural plant extracts

Have you ever wished for a fully organic, nn chemical version of non selective herbicides ? if so our organic vegetation eradicator is for you.

Our program consists of a cutting edge plant extract based herbicide that totally destroys vegetation within a few days.

Once the process is complete we simply add an organic bio enzyme and microbe mix to the area which complete removes any and all leftover traces of the original organic herbicide and revitalizes the soil for planting or covering.

This 2 step process not only clears the unwanted vegetation but treats the soil and prepares it for new plantings. The following crops or grass will then grow at an accelerated pace in the new microbe and nutrient rich soil. The mixture also digests the old plant matter that was left after the non selective herbicide killed it adding it to the nutrient base of the newly renovated soil.

Ideal for use in clearing weedy areas along sensitive riparian habitats, playgrounds and pet/livestock holding areas/corrals where use of traditional herbicides is not an option.


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"Growing Naturally"
Environmentally friendly commercial and residential solutions
Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Fax 1-403-638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com

Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Fax 1-403-638-8092
Email : ecograss@mac.com

Hydro Seeding - Hydroseeding - hydro seeding - hydroseeding - hydromulching - Hydromulching
Hydroseeding is fast becoming the popular standard for new lawns. We are able to use more dry condition tolerant grass species. The spray-on mulch consists of Grass seed, fertilizer and moisture holding fibre that's speeds up growth by a larger factor than hand seeding.

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