Mosquito, Flies and Biting Insect Control

Fully Organic Plant Extract Based Product .

This Organic Mosquito control product is a proven performer with hundreds of great testimonials to the fact that it really works. You can now enjoy an entire yard, acreage or park free from mosquito's, flies and biting insects.

"Like putting an invisible net over your entire property"

Easily applied with hose sprayer or standard garden pump sprayer.
No mixing required with hose end sprayer.

Simply spray your property, trees, shrubs, gardens, lawn, fences, out buildings and low areas. In minutes after this ready-to-use natural garlic oil product is sprayed.

Mosquitoes leave immediately.

They are gone for up to 4 weeks. No need to worry about a lingering smell of garlic. The odour will dissipate in 4-5 hours. Best applied on calm evenings and it takes about 15 minutes to spray the area.

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Why is it so effective?

Mosquitoes are 10,000 times more sensitive to garlic than humans. Their life-cycle normally takes place over a number of weeks within a 100 sq yd area. Once they leave the area they do not prefer returning. Farmers have been using it for decades to help protect cattle, horses and other livestock.

Ideal for backyards, cottages resorts, marinas, RV parks, outdoor events, weddings, back yard pools, barbeque areas, golf courses and municipal recreation parks. Good idea to keep pets out of treated area until odour dissipates, as it could be absorbed by their hair and skin.

The garlic odour dissipates quickly but the mosquitoes know it’s there!

Mosquito Less - prices and sizes

Mosquito Less - 900ml Concentrate

Price - 45.00

Easily applied in minutes with hose or garden pump sprayer,
up to 3000 sq. ft. Lasts for weeks


Apply to larger areas of up to 3000 sq. ft. with hose or garden pump sprayer. Instantly clears mosquitoes out of the area and they are gone for weeks. Ideal for backyard, pool areas, cottage, weddings, RV site, marinas.

- Harmless to pets and livestock

- Environmentally safe, no chemicals !

- Garlic odor dissipates quickly.




Mosquito Less Concentrate - 20 litre Cube

Price - $495.00

Prefessional/Commercial size

MOSQUITO-Less 20L Cube treats up to 1.5 acres,

Ideal for lawn care professionals, parks and events.

Also great for acreage owners and farms.

Simply call or email your order to us, we will contact you for specific delivery options

Pick up - Courier delivery - Canada Post

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Hydroseeding May be the answer for your new lawn at your home or acreage

Sod & Sod Installation -
We do sod installation right the first time ! Our sod installs have a very high
success rate.

Dog Damaged Lawns- Is your yard damaged by Dog urine spots ? we have a program to completely restore even severely dog damaged yards for a reasonable cost without digging up your old lawn. Click here for more info

Eco Grass
Got a steep hill that needs grass ? hydroseeding with low or no mow Eco grass is
the solution.

Sod Installation- do you need a sod installation that is done right ?

Dog Spot Eliminator - The best !00% safe, fully Organic solution that will fix and eliminate those dead spots on your lawn caused by dog urine and droppings. Click here

Ideal & economical for Schools, sports fields, churches, new sub divisions, cabins, acreage's, commercial lots, parks and city home yards

New Eco Grass Enviro Lawn Blends -Low mow drought tolerant hardy TURF GRASS

acreage's are our specialty !

Erosion Control

Government approved native grass/plant mixtures

Wildflower mixes - Both native and non-native

Got horses on an acreage and need a better grass ?
Forage hydroseeding

alfalfa, brome & timothy grasses and more


Hydro Mulching & Erosion control
Land Reclamation or Rehabilitation for commercial, industrial or oil and gas

Eco Grass

New Lawn

Need a new lawn ?


Dirt Work- Leveling, raking & soil preparation

We can apply your own top soil or supply it, then level it out and prepare it for seeding or hydro seeding - a one stop solution !

Clay Soil problems- If you have lumpy clay laden soil we have a solution that works fast, click here to find out how.


Wildflowers- native and no-native blends plant a small section or an entire meadow !

Mechanical grass seeding

Sod Installation

Land Reclamation Services for Oil & Gas or Government

Native Tree and Shrub planting for reclamation areas, riparian areas and restoration of flood damaged areas.

Wood Fines and Wood Fibre for Oil Field Operations
We have high quality wood fiber fines ideal for use as a drilling fluid and drilling mud additive. Economical to use to mix with and transport drill cuttings. Our larger sized 300 cubic feet bulk bags are much easier to transport, handle and store than bulk sawdust or compressed small plastic wrapped bales.

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We offer delivery direct to your drilling site or operations area.

Mowing service for larger lawns - acreage's, schools, sub divisions commercial properties etc.

Eco-grass replacement for old or poor existing lawns

Mechanical grass seeding

Sod installation

Sports field care and revitalization

Weed Control
Standard practices and Eco friendly organic solutions. 100% non toxic steam weed eradication.

Full range of lawn & grounds care services

Top Dressing service
We can fix your older, worn out, weed infested or just plain ugly lawns by applying new layers of rich organic material over top of your existing lawn

Eco friendly Organic fertilizer or compost top dressing application - replaces chemicals

oversowing-overseeding for old or new lawns

Irrigation/sprinkler systems supplied and installed

Eco Grass hydro seeding or hydro mulching

Hydro Mulching & Erosion Control, Land Reclamation, Rehabilitation services for City, Commercial, industrial or oil and gas

High Quality Pine Wood Shavings Animal Bedding for Horses, Chickens, Cattle and other livestock
We offer high quality engineered pine wood shavings for animal bedding in 300 cubic feet bulk bags. These shavings are much more economical than smaller plastic wrapped bales. Quality is first rate with finer, softer more absorbent shavings than most other brands.
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Delivery to your site is available.


Clay Doktor - turns clay or heavy clay into soil, very economical and works fast

Dandelion Problems on your acreage or business property
we have a mobile tractor mounted sprayer service.

Non selective fully organic herbicide program


Algae Control for Ponds & Lakes

Organic fertilizers, herbicides & soil treatments for lawn, garden & agriculture

Dog Spot Eliminator - The best !00% safe, fully Organic solution that will fix and eliminate those dead spots on your lawn caused by dog urine and droppings.
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Completely safe, chemical free,100% Organic Weed control for Government, Cities, municipalities & homeowners.


Organic top dressing service for both healthy or poor or weed infested lawns

Non Toxic Steam weed and noxious plant eradication

Vegetation control

Canada Thistle and Dandelion control for Alberta - includes Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdrie and other areas in Central and Southern Alberta.
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Cedar Split Rail Fence

Cedar Hot-tubs, Saunas
firewood or propane fired heaters
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