"Growing Naturally"
- Environmentally friendly commercial and residential landscaping solutions for Alberta
"Growing Naturally"
- Environmentally friendly commercial and residential landscaping solutions for Alberta

Landscaping, Excavation and Land Reclamation Services

Purewest has newer industrial quality equipment and can do a variety of landscaping, excavation and land reclamation jobs. We specialize in Acreage's and smaller commercial sites but also do well sites and pipe line reclamation and rehabilitation.

Please call us to discuss your needs, we are very flexible and can provide support for small or large residental jobs or any size commercial landscaping or construction projects.

Dirt Work

We have a top soil preperator that can level, remove or completely pulverize lumps, rake and even remove rocks in one or two passes. This unit can also mechanically seed grass at the same time. This unit does a beautiful job resulting in even, fluffy soil with little or no lumps and clods resulting in a better lawn

Residential & Acreage : One of our specialites is preparing your soil for a lawn or garden. We can supply your soil (or use what you have ) pread it and level it .

We can further prepare it with our soil preparator. This unit will make lumpy soil into a nice even fluffy loam , the unit can pulverize hard lumps and remove unbroken clod, sticks and even stones for a nice textured soil , leveled and ready to mechanically plant, hydroseed or sod your new lawn. This unit does it all in one or two passes and can even seed grass at the same time it is working the soil.

Commercial or Industrial : We do all sort of dirt work from spreading top soil, leveling and soil bed preparation for planting, hydroseeding and mechanical seeding.

Perfect for Golf Course Builders, Commercial Landscapers, Public Works Departments, Industrial Warehouse Construction, or anyone who needs to grade, till and pulverize/condition a soil, or gravel surface. Our unit can "finish" an entire site.

We also build or cut ditches for yards, sub divisons, churches, farms, commercial sites
and acreages.


Our ditch equipment works in confined spaces

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