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Hydroseeding Services

Mistaya Land and Water offers two types of hydroseeding services,
understanding standard hydroseeding and ENHANCED hydroseeding

Standard Hydroseeding - This process is just as it sounds. We use standard hydroseeding materials and application processes common among other hydroseeding companies. However Mistaya's version of standard hydroseeding is a large upgrade over what most other hydro seeding companies offer.

Mistaya Land has customized our hydroseeding process to accommodate Alberta's unique soil conditions. Here in Alberta, most places have heavy clay soil. Clay soil is problematic for many reasons and if hydroseeding companies don't address them (most don't) your final results may be spotty or thin. Although premium wood mulches are the standard in hydroseeding across North America, they just don't perform well in our dry Alberta clay soils.

Wood fiber mulches are supposed to hold and preserve moisture. In most places like BC and southern Ontario they do, but in dry and windy Alberta, the wood fiber can act as a wick, drawing moisture out of the soil and away from the seed. In any area that has windy conditions, this negative effect is even more pronounced. In clay soil moisture holding capacity is extremely low, the use of wood fiber mulch on a dry clay soil is a bad combination.

The other negative effect in clay soil is that the salt and carbonates in it are also leached or wicked up into the mulch from the soil. This can literally cook the seed by an alkali or salt based chemical process, killing a lot of it quickly.

Just look at results along highways and roads done by large "professional" hydroseeding outfits, often the results are simply terrible. Within a few months after the application the grass is often dead, thin or struggling,  PLUS these areas are often completely infiltrated with huge populations of weeds. This happens because most of these hydroseeding companies show no consideration whatsoever to local soil conditions and factors like wind.

We have developed a proprietary blended mulch using agricultural fibers and other moisture retaining materials along with other biological additives that insure drastically better results. Our seed ratio is higher, often 2 to 3 time more seed per application. Our seed varieties are optimized to provide good results in Alberta's clay soils.

We do not use cheap chemical based fertilizers like almost all the other operations do. Chemical based granular or liquid fertilizers DO NOT mix well with high salt, higher PH clay soil. The combination is very negative and often causes more problems and soil imbalances. We use carefully selected biological agents selected for compatibility with our soil type. This is an important factor, yet most people operating hydroseeding equipment have no understanding of soil issues. Simply going out an buying the equipment and reading the manual does not make an operator qualified, yet that is the common practice with many landscaping companies.

Our basic form of hydroseeding offers better value and performance than most operators in Alberta provide.

Enhanced Hydroseeding - Mistaya Land & Water has developed some new ways of hydroseeding using new developed cutting edge biological materials to cope with Alberta soil and climate problems. We are in a particularly difficult area with regards to our heavy clay soils and cooler temperatures.  These new techniques have been tested and proven with over a decade of success in Alberta. There are cost savings when the problems are addressed all at once as opposed to repeat treatments and ongoing programs. Many of these biological agents work best together in a synergistic fashion in a single application as opposed to being done piecemeal. 

Our Enhanced Hydroseeding program customizes each application to accommodate the specific problems on some sites. We are able to correct many soil issues and problems associated with poor lawn performance through this program as well. We can also hydroseeding directly onto ground that has little or no soil.

With Enhanced hydroseeding the application mix is not simply an inert matrix (wood mulch adds no nutrient) that adds no value to the soil, it is literally a stew of organic base materials and soil treatments that can repair, enhance and even replace the poor soil in your yard. The mixture is essentially a customized liquid soil matrix, this mixture can permanently change the clay soil to a productive loam in a short period. The difference it can make to your lawn is nothing short of remarkable whether your yard is new or 40 years old with exhausted soil.

The process is customizable to each area's differing soil factors. The simplest way to understand the difference between standard hydroseeding and Enhanced hydroseeding is that the Enhanced process is a soil repair/replacement technique which includes the grass seeding as opposed to the standard process which is mainly planting grass seed and nothing more.

Cost is surprising affordable when compared to other options like digging out old lawns and replacing both soil and grass or buying truckloads of loam or top soil as it's associated leveling/finishing/excavation costs.

Please contact us for more information on this process.

Other Seeding Options - We also offer other lower cost grass seeding programs such as mechanical and drill seeding which are appropriate for larger properties like acreages, commercial/industrial sites, land reclamation and horse pastures. In general areas over 1 to 2 acres should at least consider these methods as an alternative. We have very good results with both mechanical and no till drill seeding systems.

No till drill seeding can directly plant new grass seed into existing turf without disturbance.

Mistaya Land also offers high quality sod installation with either standard sod or eco-grass low maintenance sod.

We do not offer spin or surface seeding programs as they do not work well in Alberta soils


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Surface or hand seeding a new lawn
in the event you are thinking of hand/surface seeding your new lawn in Alberta, here are some points to consider

- This method of seeding a new lawn simply does not work in Alberta.
- It is a waste of money and can cause a lot of problems.
Below are the main reasons.

Alberta has high clay soil which does not hold moisture well, seed dries out fast either killing it or halting germination. sodium and carbonates in the clay soil "cooks" the seed as it dries from daily watering.

High elevation - This is a serious problem in many locations and includes Calgary and surrounding areas like High River, Okotoks, Turner Valley, Cochrane , Drayton Valley and all places along the foothills. High elevation means low night time temperatures and high UV. These factors drastically affect germination. Grass seed requires 10 to 12 days of consistent 18C temperatures. Seed buried in soil is able to maintain a stable temp, on the surface it cannot.

Cool night time temps due to short growing season( high altitude again)  and high day time temps make for a large temperature swing that can cause the seed to stop germinating or

General Hydroseeding Information

Why Hydroseed your new lawn ? - Further down this page there is a lot of information on the benefits of hydroseeding and details about how and why it works.

Their is a lot of good info about hydroseeding vs sod here http://www.needanewlawn.ca/newlawns.htm

A hydro seeded lawn should show the first new sprouts of grass good in as little as 6 to 12 days depending on the type of grass being used. Lower maintenance, hardier fescues are slower germinating and slower growing.

You should be ready for the first mowing in 3 to 5 weeks. However a hydroseeded lawn will grow
and fill in over a 2 year period. Sod is always about 2-3 years old when it is cut and installed,
so don't expect a seeded lawn to look like a sod lawn the first year. A hydroseeded lawn looks
the best in it's second season when it has fully filled in.

We can get faster growing and thicker results using enhanced hydroseeding techniques

This process can produce a hardier lawn than sod as the roots tend to grow deeper and adapt
to the soil conditions in your yard. The biggest advantage is that you can have a greater variety of
hardier and weed resistant grasses in your lawn as opposed to sod which is
always about 95% Kentucky Blue Grass.

For acreage's we have many choices , you can have thick turf around the house
and drought resistant grass or grazing grasses further out from your home.

Grass Blend choices include the following:

- High end golf course quality turf grass blends.
-Drought tolerant, low maintenance Eco turf grass.
-Grazing grasses for horses or cattle (Timothy, Brome and others)
- Native wildflower mixes

For industrial, Commercial, Government or land reclamations applications
we offer tough, low maintenance or grazing grass blends to cover
constructions sites, oil/gas installation sites or any other type of disturbed land.

The ground does not have to be as finely finished for us to apply a good cover for acreages and large lots.
however if you are expecting a golf course like turf you need to start with good soil without many
rocks or clay lumps and a reasonable level and slightly more finished surface.



The popularity of hydro seeding is skyrocketing. Customers notice that you spray it on, and before you know it a beautiful lush lawn is growing.

Landscapers find that their customers love it, and it helps solve many of the problems they face.

There are reasons hydro seeding works so well. The seed is suspended in a nutrient rich slurry.

The contact of the seed with the water in machine triggers the germination cycle.The mulch layer seals in the moisture, and holds the soil in place. The seed is at an ideal depth for good results. The conditions are right to produce a lush green lawn in very short time.

Hydroseeding is a quick, proven and affordable way to establish a thick, luxurious new lawn that is superior to any other method including sod. Hydro seeding is a process whereby seed, water, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and other additives are mixed together and applied by using a state-of-the-art hydroseeding machine to form a uniform application over the soil. Because the mulch fibers can retain up to ten times their weight in water, seeds are kept moist for fast germination. The mulch fiber helps prevent wind and water erosion, protects young seeds from the sun and helps maintain soil temperature. It is an almost perfect environment for maximum germination. As the plants mature, the mulch fiber will gradually decompose and add nourishment to the soil. In our area, depending on weather conditions and watering, germination begins in 7-14 days and you'll be mowing your new grass in about four weeks.

If you're not familiar with Hydro seeding, you're not alone! It's been one of landscaping's best kept secrets since it was invented in 1953. It's the most widely used method of planting commercial projects like parks, schools, golf courses and along the sides of highways and interstates. You've probably seen that green color "painted" on the ground and wondered what it was. Remember a few weeks later? That area is covered with grass!

Hydroseeding creates an ideal micro-environment for germinating seed. After the short time it takes to establish, a hydroseeded lawn is deeper-rooted and healthier than a sodded lawn. Until recently, if you wanted a nice lawn fast, you had to pay the high price to install sod. But that's all changing. You can have a lush, dark green, easy-to-maintain lawn in as little as 30-45 days... at a fraction of the price of sod.

There's nothing mysterious or experimental about it. It's not "too good to be true". If you water, fertilize and mow according to our instructions, it'll become a beautiful, lush, green lawn in about a month and a half. You CAN have a beautiful lawn at a fraction of the cost of sod... and without a sore back!


  • It's economical, costing less that 50% of a sod lawn.
  • It's faster and easier. We spray-apply a nutrient-rich mix of seeds, wood fiber, and various additives that provide an ideal microenvironment for maximum growth all in one step.
  • You'll get a thicker, more uniform lawn, the result of a mat of interlocking fibers creating a micro-greenhouse effect.
  • Your lawn will be healthier and last longer because it's grown right at your home, not at some distant sod farm.
  • A single application by trained professionals yields superior results the first time.
  • Hydroseeding is safe and non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment.


We are very fussy with our materials, we use only the best and proven materials in our process .We learned long ago that using cut rate seed and mulch result in very unhappy clients. Our seed is top grade, certified live seed and 95% weed free. We use top choice golf course type graded seeds for most lawns or specialty seed required for low water requirements. All of our turf blends produce lush lawns, we do not recommend coarse grass blends.

We do not use low cost chemical fertilizers in our application. cheap chemical fertilizer are known to adversely affect our heavy clay soils and result in poor seed growth. We use a top grade organic base blend with slow release nitrogen and couple it with a soil treatment to reduce salt and alkali problems associated with clay soils.

Wood fiber mulch is standard in regular hydroseeding, however as discussed earlier in this page wood mulch is not as effective in Alberta clay soils. The purpose of the wood fiber is to hold water, to insulate and to protect the seed. However in windy dry Alberta, wood fiber acts as a wick which them literally sucks the moisture out of the soil and alone with it leaches up salt and alkali from the soil where it can adversely affect the grass seed. Mistaya Land uses a special blend

Price Range
Please note these prices are approximate only: The cost for hydroseeding can vary a lot due to the number of options available.

Laid sod costs from 70 cents to $1.00 per square foot, depending what part of the province you are in. Remember though, the Grass used in sod in not always appropriate for our dry Alberta climate as it generally exclusively Blue grass which requires a lot of water. If we are installing sod for you, we recommend our eco-grass low mow sod.

For good quality hydroseeeding with thick mulch, good grass seed and other additives such as fertilizer and tackifier ( keeps the mulch together) We run about 14-18 cents per square foot or about $1.30-1.55 a square yard, that is about 1/2 to 2/3 for premium hydromulching when compared to the price of a sodded lawn.

However price is not always based on square footage alone, each job is evaluated to provide the best value and is dependent on many factors such as availability of water, distance traveled etc. Some jobs involve larger square footage (like an acre or more) and we can sometimes adjust the price on those at a lower cost per square foot to keep them affordable.


Other factors affecting cost:
You cannot lay sod or hydroseed over poor soil and expect good results. Soil is a deciding factor on the success of your new lawn.

We do have some soil treatments for clay based soils that work well. However if you don't good soil or enough soil, you should factor that cost in as well for a new lawn. Enhanced hydroseeding was developed to include these treatments and allow homeowners to proceed with a new lawn installation without bringing in more top soil.

Sod lawns can still be effectively treated for clay soil after the sod is installed.

Soil preparation is also something you need to consider. We cannot produce a beautiful park like or golf course type turf lawn for you if the soil is not level, roughly graded, full of clay or simply back bladed by a skid steer. If there are lumps and roots and plant matter all over it will affect the final outcome and over look of your new lawn.

Weeds : Weeds will always be an issue. Where ever you have open soil, there will be weed seeds in it. even new soil bought from garden centers is fully contaminated with weeds unless it has been sterilized. Packaged soils are usually sterilized , however the popular "big bags" of soil are not. They will contain weed seeds.

The Hydroseeding process does not introduce weeds into the soil, our seed is certified 95% weed free and we cannot guarantee in any way shape or form that weeds will not grow along with the grass, in fact I can assure you that weeds will grow in the soil, that is a given. This also applies to sod lawns. the weeds in the soil beneath the sod will produce weeds if not treated first. It is naive to think sod will choke out all the weeds in the soil it is laid on, weeds like thistles and dandelions if they exist in the soil will still come through the sod within a matter of weeks.

However weeds can easily be controlled after the grass has reached the 3 leaf stage (about 3 weeks). Spraying
a mild but effective in turf broad leaf specific herbicide like Killex will kill about 95% of the weeds. usually 1 or 2 treatments the first year will suffice and allow the lawn to establish to a thick enough cover to prevent weeds from being a major issue again. With any lawn, sod or seeded regular spot weeding is required to maintain a weed free lawn. A healthy lawn will not allow a lot of weed incursion in most circumstances.

We can help you with those concerns as well. please contact us for more information.

Why we cost a bit more :

We use drastically higher seed volumes and we always add required soil treatments, enzymes and other additives that insure good success...low cost hydroseeding quotes means that somebody is cutting corners by using low seed rates, cheap seed, cheap granular fertilizer and often no additional additives/nutrients is a bare minimum and often used by low cost operations so they can say they use additives..however you will get what you pay for .

Alberta soils are mostly very poor and high in clay, no soil treatments for clay will give thin and spotty results..don't be fooled, if the price quoted is half or much lower than what the other companies are offering...it's likely too good to be true

For Estimation purposes only...

1 Acre = 43,560 square feet
1 square yard = 9 square feet

Average cost of a small city lot is $700.00

Average cost of a large city lot is $1400.00

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