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sick birch

In the photo above , these two Cut Leaf Weeping Birch trees were planted approx 40 years ago at the same time in the same soil. The tree on the right was treated with our Birch tree revitalizer process less than 1 year ago.

The tree on the left was not treated and looks half the size of the tree on the right and is still struggling.

The treated tree came out in buds 2 weeks earlier in the spring and had highly developed foliage before the other untreated tree even started to leaf out.

This process will work on almost all tree types, but is very effective with older struggling birch trees


Is your birch tree looking sick ?

Alberta has many issues with birch trees especially in Calgary and Edmonton where there is a lot of really poor soil conditions.

Does your birch tree have an infestation of birch leaf miners, aphids
or spider mites ?

The BIRCH TREE REVITALIZER TREATMENT has been developed to assist in controlling birch leaf miner and aphids. This treatment does not use harmful chemicals or pesticides.

The birch tree requires some very specific minerals and nutrients often not found in certain soil types. Alberta has very poor high clay soil.  Many city home lots have very poor or tired soil that will not support a healthy birch tree, so we may need to supplement or fix the soil problem to cure the birch tree.

You CANNOT fix this issue with fertilizer. In fact fertilizers can make things seriously worse as many will create tighter soil conditions in clay soil. Often times the over use of chemical fertilizers IS the problem. Extended use of nitrogen fertilizer will deplete the soil of vital minerals and change the soils PH balance, birch trees will react in a very negative way to the build up of chemical salts and resulting "tight" soil.

Our treatment is NOT a fertilizer, it is an ionic soil conditioner that corrects soil PH, improves aeration and encourages microbe growth. it also stimulates root growth and releases bound up nutrients in the soil. In fact our treatment REMOVES built up chemicals and fertilizers in your soil within a few hours of application. 

Adding pesticides like Cygon and Neem oil is only treating the symptoms, the tree was sick before the insects invaded and attacked need to fix the root problem which in almost all cases is a soil nutrition issue. By simply using a pesticide the insects will return after a time and the cycle of using pesticides will continue...why, because you did not correct the root cause of the problem that weakened the tree.

Birch trees are very attractive to pests like aphids and birch leaf miners when they are sick or under nourished. These pests will NOT attack a healthy birch tree. The birch tree can resist and literally poison these pests if it is in good health.

This treatment is designed to create a healthy soil therefore allowing the roots of the tree to absorb the proper nutrients that flow into the leaves making the leaves an undesirable host for birch leaf minor or aphids.

This treatment and others we offer will work on any and all trees. We have specific products for specific tree species, so please ask us if you require help for other trees in your yard. We have a great product specifically for Spruce trees as well.

Once the birch tree has taken up some of these critical nutrients, micro nutrients, minerals and compounds it will steadily improve and fight off the pests.

Note: This treatment is a service preformed by Mistaya Land and Water, it requires specialized equipment and knowledge to perform, it is NOT a do it yourself product and is not sold as one.

Cost : Ask us for a quote for your yard .

As a guideline we can treat most city yards for $400 to $600. This is a very reasonable rate to fix older irreplaceable trees or constant pesticide treatments

One treatment is often enough to fix most trees. Follow upo treatments if required are less expensive than the initial full treatment.

Contact : Pierce Achtymichuk for more information

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