Mistaya Land and Soil Services

Clay Doctor - The clay soil treatment process that turns clay into usable soil,

it really works!

Restore dry and weedy old acreage lawns.

We can fix lumpy, bumpy lawns damaged by dew worms

Dog wrecked your lawn ?
We can fix that.

Other Environmental & Waste removal Services

Environmental Waste Removal Services

Liquid Waste Disposal

Vacuum truck service
Vac Truck - Semi Vac

vac truck

oily water removal & disposal


Contaminated Water
Liquid wastes
Oil and gas liquid waste

Environmental consulting land restoration, land
 reclamation and clean up for oil pipeline spills and leaks etc.

Flood clean up service and Remediation

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Mistaya Land and Water Corp.
Land, Lawn and Soil Services |  Environmental & Waste Solutions

Serving Central Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer and surrounding areas.

Our company specializes in applying environmentally friendly practices and products to landscaping, hydroseeding, sod installation, lawn restoration, flood clean service, horse pasture rejuvenation, weed control, land reclamation, Oil pipe line leak clean up, spill restoration and needs for the Government, Commercial and Residential sectors in Alberta.

We also specialize in larger acreage's, parks, oil and gas facilities and other large commercial lawns in urban, rural or remote locations in south or central Alberta. We will also do residential home lots in most Alberta communities.

Our ENHANCED HYDROSEEDING process is vastly superior to standard hydroseeding. The process uses enriched nutrient meals and fibers with added natural growth factors and nutrients in place of cheaper wood fiber mulches that add no value toward making your grass grow. We get dramatically better results that regular hydroseeding at a reasonable cost. No chemicals or cheap fertilizers are used in enhanced hydroseeding process unlike other "budget" or low cost hydroseeders.

Clay Doctor Soil Treatment system for Clay soil problems
- if your property is cursed with heavy clay soil, we have the solution. Mistaya's proprietary Clay Soil Modifier system will change you hard pan, sticky clay soil into a softer more fertile loam.

The Clay Doctor process uses a liquid mixture that can be applied or injected right through the surface of your lawn. Within days the soil underneath is transformed into a softer, looser more granular loam by a process know as ionization and granulation. The result creates a vigorous exchange of electrical charges in the soil/clay particles, effectively neutralizing the ability of the platelet to attract and bind water, elements, and molecules. The clay soils then behave more like a loamy soil after the treatment. Once the treatment is done the soil is changed permanently and the treatment does not need to be repeated in the future.

Our main operations areas in Alberta are Red Deer, Calgary, Okotoks, High River, Cochrane, Dewinton, Millarville, Langdon, Chestermere, Olds, Sundre, Caroline, Didsbury, Airdrie and many other locations. We also service Edmonton, Leduc, St Albert, Wetaskiwin, Drayton Valley and areas. Other areas can be serviced by request.

We also provide Alberta and Federal government approved native grass, forage or wildflower seed blends for use in land reclamation , recreation areas and parks.

We also specialize in improving clay soils. Please read our articles on how to fix or improve clay soil, how to fix your old lawn and how to fix or renovate your horse pasture or yard damaged by dogs. improve drainage under or over your lawn or sod.

Ecologically friendly and Organic vegetation and mosquito control, weed control & eradication. Traditional vegetation weed control for dandelions and other lawn weeds. Effective non chemical Algae control for lakes and ponds.

New generation non-chemical weed control options are available.

NOTE: we have lots of mosquito control products in stock at this time - you can have a mosquito free yard without chemicals. An extremely effective and proven product.

Mistaya Environmental Liquid Waste and Waste Disposal services

Our Water, Energy and Recovery strategy is committed to providing superior value to our customers through the recovery of resources from hydrocarbon related waste.

We have a fleet of modern Vacuum Trucks / vac trucks that cover most of Alberta.
We own and operate our own state of the art waster management and disposable faculties

Waste Oil Recovery ,Oily Water removal and disposal, automotive oil waste sumps
Custom Treating (Oil Emulsions)

Mine waste water, contaminated water removal and disposal .
Oil and Gas Waste Processing
Industrial Waste Processing
Water/Waste Disposal
Waste Oil Recovery

 oil and gas waste streams include:
Drilling fluids and muds (all types)
Produced water
Completion water
Workover fluids (frac fluids included)
Waste from spills

Contact us today for more information  (403) 519-8200 

Mistaya Land and Water Corp.

Lawn and Soil Services
Toll Free 1-877-894-9378 - Direct Dial 1-403-638-8090 - Email : eco

Lawn & Turf Renovations 

Ideal solution for tired old worn out & weedy lawns.

The lawn in the picture below was renovated about 3 weeks earlier, it was over 100 years old.
All the lawns in this neighborhood are terrible
due to exhausted soil, but after the renovation
this lawn looks like new.

100 year old

Pierce: Thought you'd like a 3 weeks later photo from us.  Lots of people impressed with the crazy results around here.  Hopefully you'll get some business out of it.  You should put little signs on peoples' lawns after a job so they know about your product...I see lots of people stopping to look closely at the grass.

Joni - Edmonton


Other client comments.

 Hi Pierce:  I Thought I'd give you an update on the Lawn rejuvenation you did on my property.

I followed your instructions and watered consistently.  The germination was a little slow but after two weeks everything exploded.  With a few good rains the new grass went nuts and is extremely thick.  The areas you seeded are all a luscious green and thicker than they have ever been. 

To say I am happy is an understatement....

I would recommend you to anyone. 

I'm having a big Historic Society tour come through my gardens this Sunday, and it will be with great pride that I watch the reactions of the visitors.
Clarence "Clancy" Patton
Calgary, Alberta

OLD Lawn repair & Renovation

Got a bad lawn ? Is your current lawn old and tired looking ? sick turf ?

If your older lawn is weedy, has lots of ants, thin dry grass and hard compacted soil then its time to get a lawn renovation. There is no magic grass species you can plant and you cannot fertilize your way of this problem. in fact fertilizer will make it worse. This is a soil problem and that has to be addressed before you can a good lawn again.

Old lawns cannot simply be reseeded or resodded. You can't put new grass on old dead soil. This includes trying to dig out old lawns and replace a few inches of soil or loam then re-sodding or replanting, it will not result in a healthy lawn. You need more than a few inches of soil to support new grass. Same thing with over seeding, the new grass will not thrive in old depleted soil.

Our process focuses on fixing the soil under the old lawn. We can restore the soil health to about 70 or 80 % of where it would be with new healthy soil. Bringing the soil back to full health over the next few seasons using a few simple DIY  lawn care tips and does not require a lot work or expense.

read more about the process here

Here is a 25 year + old lawn in the Sun Lake area of Calgary, it has dead patches, its dry and crispy and is shaded by a huge spruce tree.

After our lawn renovation process you can see the same lawn is now vibrant and lush even with the huge old spruce tree beside it !

Is your lawn weed infested even though you apply weed and feed regularly ? Is your lawn lumpy and patchy looking ? is it filled with ants ? Dew worm lumps ?

If your lawn has any of these symptoms your lawn is in need of a renovation or full restoration. click here for more details.

Do I have to dig up my old lawn and soil, haul it away and then buy new top soil and sod to replace my lawn ? The answer is NO, we can often fix it without that drastic procedure.

Have you got fairy rings, mushrooms, fungal patches and mold in your lawn, we can fix that with a natural biological agent - works fast and very effective.

Works well and is affordable for almost any lawn.

Hydroseeding for Lawns
& Erosion Control

Enhanced Hydroseeding

We also offer mechanical seeding, over-seeding and no-till-drill seeding and
in-turf seed drill services in Alberta.

A Turf Specialty Company.


Hi Pierce, Re: my Rainforest lawn

It's greatly exceeding my expectations, I just finished mowing it today. I attached a picture of what it looked like on Friday, only 3 1/2 weeks after the renovation ! . Super healthy looking, the entire yard is emerald green.
Thanks, I have to admit it looked pretty strange after it was sprayed all that organic material and cellulose laying around but it all broke down and worked it's way into the soil. I have never seen grass so thick and healthy looking before it's crazy how strong it is.
Adam - St Albert


Biologically Enhanced

The only way to insure good grass growth in Alberta clay soils

In this photo the deluxe kentucky blue grass lawn (left side) was planted 2 weeks after the sod lawn was installed on the right. The Enhanced Hydroseeding KBG lawn on the left looks healthier
and greener than the KBG sod lawn
on the right side.

This lawn planted in Late August 2012
at a cost of less than a quarter of the budget paid for the sod lawn next door.
 A shot of the same KBG hydroseeded lawn June 05/ 2013, as you can see the lawn is thick and healthy after going through the harsh 2012/2013 winter.

Most sod (KBG) lawns in Calgary were damaged with winter kill this year, however this young lawn emerged from winter undamaged.

Grass grown and rooted on site often yields a superior, more vigourous lawn to a sod installation.

Our Hydro seeding, Enhanced Hydroseeding and Hydromulching methods are done with exceptional care and we use a lot of organic additives, clay doctor soil treatment materials and rich nutrients to insure high success rates.

We have exceptional results with our program.

Most lower cost hydroseeding is often done by very inexperienced applicators and done as cheaply as possibles with patchy, thin results.

Innovative and experienced hydroseeding for residential lawns, commercial sites, parks, sports fields, soccer fields, schools and government applications in Alberta. We can seed grass into and on top off anything from open soil to existing lawns, pastures, sports fields and parks. Erosion control, land reclamation, soil work, turf and grass seeding and pipe line, oil & gas site services in Alberta.

Sick Trees & Sick Birch Trees

Have you got weak old sick trees ?
sick birch trees ?

We can help

We have an excellent program that uses a fast acting liquid soil treatment that restores trees to health and vigor very quickly.

Birch trees are particularly susceptible to poor soil nutrition. In Alberta we have poor clay soil that restricts the uptake of vital soil micro-nutrients.

Once this happens the birch trees can weaken and become infested with leaf miners or aphids. You can treat the tree with harsh systemic pesticides to kill the insects, but they simply return again as the pesticide is not fixing the root problem, you are merely treating the symptoms without fixing the cause.

Once the tree is getting proper nutrition after the soil is fixed, it can fight the insect and fungal infestations on its own.  

  In Alberta many people have old weak trees , especially birch and weeping birch trees that are in serious decline. Birch trees are very susceptible to losing vigor from poor soil.

sick birch

In this picture the birch tree on the left appears to be smaller and less leafy than the identical tree on the right that was treated the previous summer with a soil treatment.The improvement is dramatic.

The good news is that we can help with a comprehensive fast acting soil treatment that perks up old mature trees quickly and restores their health dramatically. Can used to treat the entire yard or specific trees

click here for more details

Clay Doctor

Clay Soil Modifier

The Clay Doctor process is a cutting edge ionic soil chemistry solution that works within days alter the structure of hard clay soils into a softer loam like texture ideal for lawns and gardens.


Clay Doctor Soil Modifier Process - Cutting Edge Soil Science

This process requires specialized knowledge and complex application equipment, it is NOT a product in a bag or bottle a homeowner can apply themselves.

We can do Clay Doctor treatments to residential lawns & gardens, commercial lawns, parks and rec areas as well as specialized sports playing fields and golf courses. In some cases we can also do agricultural plots, orchards and pastures.

Commercial lawns and Parks often have degraded lawns due to soil compaction, this is a huge problem when clay soils are used for the substrate of these lawns. After years of people walking on these lawns the soil becomes compacted to consistency of concrete. Once this happens, the grass will no longer thrive and go rapidly into decline.

The water holding capacity of this soil is extremely poor, with most rainfall and irrigation simply running off. When hot weather hits, the soil dries out within a day or so and the lawn goes dormant. After treatment wit Clay Doctor soil modifier, the compaction is almost instantly relieved and the absorption potential of the soil increases to the point where it can hold onto moisture for weeks instead of days.

Liquid Soil Matrix

Liquid Compost Top Dressing

Biologically Enhanced Hydroseeding

Cutting edge biological solution that provides a growing medium for grass in locations where there is little or no top soil. Works well on bare clay, sand and even gravelly type soils.


Our liquid Soil Matrix is a very unique biological product that can grow a healthy crop of grass on bare clay, poor grade soils, gravelly soils and even sand. In many cases the cost of trucking in top soil over long distances can dramatically increase the end cost of a project.

By saving the cost of the top soil plus the cost of spreading and finishing the soil. Liquid soil is ideal for remote sites where finding top soil and excavation services is difficult. Ideal for oil and gas field operations, parks, railways and land reclamation projects.

Liquid Compost Top Dressing provides a nutrient rich organic bolus for your lawn or playing field. This product is far more potent than standard bulk compost and produces amazing results on lawns very fast. Completely restores soil microbe life and corrects many soil problems such as PH, dryness, low organic mass, poor aeration and compaction.

We have exceptional results with this program.

Enhanced hydroseeding is where we use a nutrient packed, fully organic mulch mix enhanced with natural agricultural fibers, growth hormones and biological extracts instead of inert wood fiber mulch which adds no nutritive value to the germinating seed and growing grass. Results are dramatically better than standard hydroseeding methods.

sad pup

Dog Damaged Yards and Lawns

Doggy damage, yellow spots, urine spots and other versions of "the dog wrecked my lawn". Find out here how we can fix even the worst dog damaged yards and dog urine spots.

For seriously damaged yards an excellent solution is use a blend of fescue grasses and micro clover which extremely dog resistant.

Dog owners can now have a lush
green yard again



Is your yard damaged or even totally destroyed by Dog urine spots ?

We have a program to completely restore even severely doggy damage or dog damaged yards for a reasonable cost without digging up your old lawn.

Dog Damaged Yard



We have exceptionally good results with this program, even yards that look like a nuclear waste dump can be fully restored with a lush growth of new dog resistant fescue based turf.

A new solution is to use a blend of Micro Clover, Fine Fescue and Rye grasses. Micro clover is a miniature version of white clover extremely impervious to doggy urine and grows well with grass. The micro clover leaves are so tiny that hard to distinguish from the grass. The clover stays green longer than grass and self fertilizes the lawn by fixing nitrogen.
Dog owners can now have a lush green yard again thanks top this innovation.

Click here for more info

Services available in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Okotoks, Airdrie, Sherwood park, Stony Plain, St Alberta, Cochrane and all other surrounding communities in south central Alberta.

Sod Installation
Soil Preparation

Specializing in all forms of turf and grass planting, seeding, sod, installation and lawn repair or restoration in Alberta.

Unique turf, grass, lawn
and soil services for city and
acreage lawns.


We install sod !

High Quality Kentucky Blue Grass blend Sods

Eco-Grass Drought tolerant and low maintenance Sods
Note : We do not sell sod for do it yourself application, all sod we sell is for installation service only. this sod is only available in the Calgary area, Our sod nursery is located south of Calgary and it is not economical to transport smaller loads to Red Deer and Edmonton areas.

Installation of sod for homes and commercial / industrial sites in Alberta. We offer quality sod installation with strong attention to soil issues. Our installations have the highest rates of success . Very experienced installers. Turf is our specialty.

Compost tea and granular compost top dressing application service for turf, lawns, gardens and trees. Enriched Compost Tea applications are proven to reduce fungal and bacterial infections on grass. plants and trees. Mass quantities of beneficial organisms in compost tea or granular compost will attack or out compete many blights, fungi and bacteria harmful to plants. It also provides nutrients and micronutrients along with the microbes.

We have specific compost tea applications that will kill fairy ring mushrooms in your lawn quickly and effectively by natural biological processes. No Chemicals.


We offer numerous soil preparation services and soil treatments for residential, commercial and government applications.

Preparation of soil for sod installation or hydroseeding Restoration of old lumpy
or unlevel lawns.

Restoration and rejuvenation of old tired soils
Repair and treatment of lawns damaged by dew worms. Click here for more info

Top dressing, composting and restoration of poor soils

Amendment and treatment of high clay, sandy, alkali or hard pan soils.
Improvement of clay soil, soil drainage and porosity

Soil Conditioners, Treatments
& Additives

Clay Doctor - Humates - Calcium
Compost Tea - Worm Tea
Soil Microbe Inoculations
Granular compost blends



Soil Conditioners and Treatments for salt, alkali or sodic soils, heavy clay soil, poor drainage, infertile soils, hard pan clay, sandy and low organic content soils.

These products will alter the chemical structure of soil to reduce or remove negative characteristics such as poor drainage, sticky soil, compaction, high alkali, low fertility, poor water retention and many other problems. Fix your soil under your existing lawn without digging it up or replacing the soil.

Click here for information on fixing or improving clay soils

Horse Pasture Renovations
& Restoration Service

- Direct in turf no till seeding

- Clay soil treatment

- New healthier low sugar horse grass


Have you got a old tired horse pasture that will not bounce back. Grass will not grow no matter how long you keep the horses of of it ? Does it have bald patches, dips, pits, mounds and erosion gullies. Infested with weeds and unwanted grass, plants and other vegetation ?

We offer a unique set of solutions to replace, restore, repair and rejuvenate your tired old pasture. We can reseed new grass directly into existing sod/turf with our no till seed drill to revitalize your old grass/graze with excellent results.

In most cases the soil and plants in your pasture are loosing vitality. Intensive use by horses can result in the depletion of nutrients, loss of critical soil microbes and a build up of toxic salt in the soil. Once this happens, the soil must be treated and fixed as the soil will not support regeneration of grass until that is dealt with.

Did you know that almost all so called "horse graze" mixes sold on the market were designed for cattle, NOT horses . Horses require less carbohydrates and sugars for proper health. Use of high sugar or high protein graze mixes developed for dairy cows or to fatten cattle or can cause severe health issues for horses. We carry 3 of the world's best horse grass mixtures.

Micro Clover

Ecologically Smart Solutions for Lawns

Note : Installation service only
We do not sell grass seed at this time


Mistaya Land can seed or hydroseed this low maintenance drought tolerant lawn mix or a micro clover- eco grass mix on your city yard, acreage or commercial property.
We can seed this mix right into an existing lawn with our liquid top dressing system.

Eco grass is made up of 6 or more types of rugged and fine fescue seeds and some hardy native short grasses. This marvelous blend of grasses produces a fine, soft turf ideal for lawns. It is durable, salt tolerant and requires very little watering compared to sod based blue grass lawns. It looks like any standard lawn, it's not much different.

The low maintenance features also includes reduced mowing requirements. On acreages or parks, the grass can be left without mowing indefinitely or trimmed to look neat with only a few cuttings a year, requires very little fertilizer and water.

Micro Clover is a new innovation from Denmark used on sport fields. When planted with Eco grass it is the ultimate Eco Friendly Lawn that stays astonishingly green and lush even in dry clay soils. Clover is a legume and produces nitrogen naturally in good quantities in the soil that is readily available to grass,  this mean your lawn will actually fertilize itself eliminating the need for nitrogen fertilizer completely.

micro clover

Micro Clover leaves are so tiny that they blend into the lawn visually, its difficult to
tell the difference from the grass blades as clover naturally mixes into turf.

Failed  Drain /  Leach Field on your Septic System ?

We can fix failed drain fields in heavy clay soil.

Our high tech Ionic transfer solution
Improves drainage quickly and clears all biological clogging.

Turns any poorly drained hardpan clay and heavy clay soil into a high percolation loamy soil with ideal drainage within 2 days or less.

Mistaya Land and Water has a cutting edge process to fix failing drain fields in clay soil that can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Alberta's clay soil is notoriously poor for drainage fields. Many septic fields have to be drastically oversized to provide enough soil percolation for them to work properly.

Problems and failures occur even in properly sized drain fields after 7 or more years of use as more sodium (salt) is introduced from family home waste water. The soil in the drain field gradually turns into hardpan clay which will not absorb water any longer. Once this happens wet spots appear, the field starts to smell of sewage and the biological material in the drain field is killed by lack of oxygen. The drain field becomes irreversibly clogged at this point and is in total failure and rendered unusable.

In the past the only way to fix this problem was to excavate the drainfield and completely replace it in another location or infill it with expensive aggregates. this could cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Our clay doctor and biological digester treatment can reclaim the old failed drain field in a matter of days for a very reasonable cost click here for more information - Drainfield Medic http://drainfieldmedic.com

This product works well for expansive clay soils, poorly draining foundations, sports fields, horse pastures and other areas needing improved drainage.


Highly effective cutting edge organic biological algae control products for small and large ponds.


We have solutions for larger ponds and lakes as well. Complete safe and non toxic for nature and people. Can be used in public swimming areas and parks.

Fish and Livestock safe. Extremely effective and cost efficient.

Organic Mosquito Control
& Fly Control

Mosquito-Less also controls flies and biting insects making it ideal for horses and livestock.

We have products for use in barns and stables and product to directly apply to animals and pets.

Mosquito Free Zone
We can save your outdoor event
by safely eliminating all the mosquitoes
for up to a month with one application. Fully Organic and safe .
Applied on the lawn or ground
not on People.

100% Pet safe - can be applied to your yard or directly onto to pets.


We have one of the best organic mosquito control products available anywhere in the world. NO TOXIC CHEMICALS USED.   Made in Canada !

Treatment of your yard or park with this natural plant oil based solution will safely render the area treated free of mosquito's for extended periods of time up to 4 weeks or more. easy to apply. This product is NOT applied to your skin or clothing unlike DEET, It is an area treatment, creating a mosquito free zone.

The extract is diluted and applied by spraying on the lawn, decks, patios and shrubs etc. The resulting treatment will drive away mosquito's and scent based biting insects away from the treated area for weeks at a time, even in hot and rainy areas. Proven effective with high user satisfaction. Will not affect pollinators like bees and butterflies.

We have products for residential, commercial and livestock use.

Mosquito-Less is very effective in public parks and recreation areas. Ideal for special events like weddings, reunions, rodeos, fairs, BBQ's, concerts, parties and any other outdoor event.

Used for large events with great success. We used it at Big Valley Jamboree last summer during an outrageous mosquito infestation at many sites, booths and beer gardens with excellent results. ideal for Stampede parties !


A quick overview of our services and products

please check out our new lawn web site at http://www.needanewlawn.ca for solutions.

Sick trees ?

Is your lawn making you sick ..read this , we can help

Old Lawn Renovations
We are able to offer a number of solutions to fix your old, tired lawn:

Top Dressing - Top dressing with compost or top soil for lawns, acreage's, parks, commercial lawns, and sport fields. Rejuvenates old tired and compacted lawns. We can reseed, recondition the soil and fertilize all at the same time. Adding high quality liquid compost infusions or "compost tea " which is amazingly beneficial to your tired old lawn.

The soil microbes in the infusion will restore beneficial soil microorganisms that fix nitrogen, aerate and digest organic matter important to plant health. We kill large volumes of soil microbes every year by using chlorinated city water for watering our lawns and also by starvation when we remove the clippings, often the only source of organic matter our lawns will ever get. Lawns top dressed with compost or treated with compost tea infusions respond very well and do better than lawns where chic al fertilizers are used. Chemical fertilizers send the lawn into overdrive and deplete the soil quickly, the lawn then deteriorates and can't be restored by adding more seed or yet more damaging chemical fertilizers. Once a lawn gets to this state both the soil and lawn require a major renovation to restore it.

Verticutter / Slash Seeding - Need your old lawn reseeded ? Our top of the line Lawn Renovator/verticutter performs a number of functions at the same time on your existing lawn, such as dethatching, aeration, seeding below the surface and resurfacing old lumpy compacted soil. Verticutters also cut through the matted surface roots (stolons) that reduce water penetration and create and hold the brown thatch layer that makes your lawn look dry and brown. Thatch is not caused by lawn clippings, it is made up of dead roots and turf plants which are high in tannin and cellulose that are difficult to decay. The verticutter cuts and works up this layer with rows of vertical slicer blades and deposits new seed under the surface. This unit will do an awesome restoration of your old lawn..plus we can seed with lower maintenance Eco Grass at the same time for a more Eco logically friendly lawn. Much more cost effective way to renew your lawn than replacing it with new soil and sod.

Eco Grass Sod - New this Year ! We are now offering a new fine fescue sod that is both Eco logically friendly and much less maintenance than traditional Kentucky Blue Grass (KBG) sod. More Drought tolerant and requires less fertilizer, water and care than KBG sod.
Note: We are not a sod farm, all of our sod is for installation by our company only, we do not offer sales for do it yourself installs.

Hydroseeding - We do our hydroseeding different than most other companies. We use very high grade seed and very large seed ratios , up to 6 times the amount our competitors use. We also treat the soil with amendments and add organic enzymes and nutrients. Why do we do this ? Hydroseeding is mostly done as cheaply as possible with low grade cheaper seed, no additives and low seed volumes to keep the profit ratio higher for the applicator. Poor results are very common in Alberta as we have high clay and alkaline soil which reduces germination success. Our applications always use a lot more seed for near sod like results. The soil treatments we use are unique and basically destroy the binding and alkaline agents in clay ..this makes a huge difference Organic Restoration and Reseeding - This is a unique process and produces very dramatic results for old lawns. It also works well for old unproductive horse pastures.

The process involves using a high volume of liquid Organic amendments like ultra enzymes, soil softener, compost tea, microbe infusion, natural sugars, soil enhancer's, PH balancing products and many other cutting edge natural biological enhancements that fix, revitalize and restore microbial activity to old exhausted soil. We often reseed the entire lawn with Eco Grass and top dress it with high organic mass compost as well...the result is a dramatic pulse of organic activity and explosive growth of both the old lawn and new seed. People with 50 year old near dead lawns have been amazed that their old lawn looked like new in a matter of weeks. The new lawn will be much lower maintenance and require less water, herbicides and fertilizers. We
can combine any of the processes above to solve specific needs including both top dressing and hydroseeding over old lawns or Verticutting slit seeding and top dressing for enhanced results.

Lawn Questions?...Do you need a new lawn this summer?... fix your old nasty lawn?...dog wreaked your lawn? please check out our new lawn web site at http://www.needanewlawn.ca for solutions.

Sick trees ? we can help

Do you have a Dandelion or weed problem on your acreage? give us a call, we are ready to go with our tractor mount sprayer system that can handle even severe Infestations fast.....

Mosquito problems - We have the solution, it's called Mosquito Barrier this is an organic, natural product that can treat your entire Yard or acreage for weeks at a time, driving all mosquito's and biting insects away. Simply mix it with water and spray it on the grass with a garden sprayer. 100% Natural, Non Toxic Plus Kid and Pet safe ....Click here for more info.....


is your lawn making you sick ..read this

Do you need a new lawn ?

Hydroseeding May be the answer for your new lawn at your home or acreage

Sod & Sod Installation -
We do sod installation right the first time ! Our sod installs have a very high success rate.

Dog Damaged Lawns- Is your yard damaged by Dog urine spots ? we have a program to completely restore even severely dog damaged yards for a reasonable cost without digging up your old lawn. Click here for more info

Eco Grass
Got a steep hill that needs grass ? hydroseeding with low or
no mow Eco grass is
the solution.

Eco Grass and Low
Maintenance Grass

Ideal & economical for Schools, sports fields, churches, new sub divisions, cabins, acreage's, commercial lots, parks and city home yards New Eco Grass Enviro Lawn Blends -Low mow drought tolerant hardy TURF GRASS

Acreage's are our specialty !

Erosion Control
Government approved native grass/plant mixtures. Wildflower mixes - Both native and non-native



Dirt Work- Leveling, raking & soil preparation We can apply your own top soil or supply it, then level it out and prepare it for mechanical seeding or
hydro seeding - a one stop solution !

Clay Soil problems- If you have lumpy clay laden soil we have a solution that works fast,
click here to find out how.

Wildflowers- native and non-native blends. Plant a small section or an entire meadow !

Mechanical grass seeding.

Sod Installation
Land Reclamation Services for Oil & Gas or Government

Native Tree and Shrub planting for reclamation areas, riparian areas and restoration of flood damaged areas.

Wood Fines and Wood Fibre for Oil Field Operations
We have high quality wood fiber fines ideal for use as a drilling fluid and drilling mud additive. Economical to use to mix with and transport drill cuttings. Our larger sized 300 cubic feet bulk bags are much easier to transport, handle and store than bulk sawdust or compressed small plastic wrapped bales.
Click here for more info
We offer delivery direct to your drilling site or operations area.

Eco-grass replacement for old or poor existing lawns

Mechanical grass seeding Sod installation, Sports field care and revitalization.

Weed Control
Standard practices and Eco friendly organic solutions. 100% non toxic steam weed eradication.

Full range of lawn & grounds care services

Top Dressing service
We can fix your older, worn out, weed infested or just plain ugly lawns by applying new layers of rich organic material over top of your existing lawn Eco friendly Organic fertilizer or compost top dressing application - replaces chemicals


Hydro Mulching & Erosion Control, Land Reclamation, Rehabilitation services for City, Commercial, industrial or oil and gas

Horse Pasture Renovations

Forage hydroseeding , No till drill seeding and Mechanical seeding

Custom blends, alfalfa, brome & timothy grasses and more.



High Quality Pine Wood Shavings and Wood Pellet Animal Bedding for Horses, Chickens, Cattle and other livestock
We offer high quality engineered pine wood shavings or pellets for animal bedding in 300 cubic feet bulk bags. These shavings are much more economical than smaller plastic wrapped bales. Quality is first rate with finer, softer more absorbent shavings than most other brands.
Click here for more info

Delivery to your site is available. Clay
Doctor Soil Modifier- turns clay or heavy clay into soil, very economical and works fast

Dandelion Problems on your acreage or business property
we have a mobile tractor mounted sprayer service.

Non selective fully organic herbicide program

Algae Control for Ponds & Lakes Organic

Hydro Mulching & Erosion control
Land Reclamation or Rehabilitation for commercial, industrial or oil and gas